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Discussion in 'Technique and Posture' started by Frank Rainieri, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Frank Rainieri

    Frank Rainieri

    Apr 12, 2018
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    I thought I'd post this here, under "Technique" because I'm not sure where to ask the following question. I am in the market for a great "feeling" keyboard, and love the action of the Crumar Mojo 61 because of the nature of the Hammond which is my "bag" but also love the Rhodes action, but they are brutal if not re worked as they were never really great right from the original factory.

    Vintage Vibe makes brand new tine pianos which are known as perfect examples of a real tine piano, and until I lay my hands on one I may never know what I'm missing out on. The investment is huge, but a "real" instrument may be the motivating factor which makes the purchase a wise one. I would appreciate comments on passion for playing true and real instruments over digital reproductions and keybeds which mimic the real thing. Exactly how much more rewarding actually is it to play the real thing at last?
    Frank Rainieri, Apr 26, 2018
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  2. Frank Rainieri

    delaware dave

    Apr 4, 2012
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    I have owned the mk1, 200a, D6, several B3's, and 122/147 leslies, and a mini moog. Never owned a CP70/80 but have played many. As things have whittled down over the years the only vintage instruments remaining are a '57 B3 (wax caps), 122 leslie, an L100P and a Howard Combo organ (1 of 400 shipped into the US). As much as I enjoy playing those instruments maintenance, weight and finickyness plus ths disinterest of any family members to carryon with these instruments caused me to find them good homes. I have a baby grand piano as well so there was no need for the rhodes and wurli. The D6 was a cool instrument but I always considered it a boutique item. It collected alot of dust. The hammond I just had to keep as it is my favorite instrument to play. Mine is 9/10 and the leslie is 8/10. I used to gig with the L100p but as I got less and less help moving it it nows remains in my practice space. It is beat up but still reliable.

    As I just moved into yet another decade of age what is now most important isn't the keyboard feel as it is the sound. I' ve been playing clones and digital pianos and controllers long enough now that I can 'connect' the hand feel with the vibe. What I can't connect with is when thingx don't sound right or the instrument doesn't react like the real deal. That is why I am a fan of physical modeling and in particular to my Gemini module. All instruments are modelled and all the nuances appear. That's what works for me. Check out the videos:

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    delaware dave, Apr 27, 2018
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