WK7600 autoharmonize

May 26, 2018
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Autoharmonize does not work with Fingered5 (it works with all others). Am I doing something wrong, or is this a system limitation? Is there a way to default Fingered5 because I never use the other settings?



I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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I can't find anything in the User's Guide that mentions whether or not Auto Harmonize works with Full Range mode. But Auto Harmonize adds notes to the melody line, so I would guess that it needs a way to distinguish the melody line from the chords. If the other four fingered modes separate the keyboard into an accompaniment zone and the normal playing zone, then presumably anything played in the normal playing zone is taken to be the melody portion. But if the Full Range mode doesn't use an accompaniment zone for specifying the chords to use, perhaps that's part of why Auto Harmonize isn't working with Full Range mode?

On the other hand, in the section on the Arpeggiator the manual says there's an ArpegPart function which specifies whether the Arpeggiator should be used with the Upper or Lower half of a keyboard split, so perhaps setting that function to Upper might help? I don't seriously think that it will, but since Auto Harmonize and Arpeggiator do use the same panel button it might be worth a shot.

As for defaulting to Full Range mode, a lot of keyboard players will set up their keyboard the way they want it to be configured by default, then save those settings to the very first registration of the keyboard. This is because many of the settings which get saved to a registration usually do not get automatically saved and then automatically restored the next time the keyboard is powered on. The keyboard won't automatically recall that registration on powerup, but the simple act of pressing a button or two to recall that registration right after powerup becomes part of their normal ritual for turning on the keyboard.

On the other hand, the chart on page E-162 indicates that the Auto Harmonize setting is one of the many settings which are automatically restored if the AutoResume function is turned on.

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