Yamaha DGX 660 as a MIDI controller

Nov 14, 2021
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First post, hi everyone. Couple simple questions (I think):

I'm trying to get our DGX 660 that doesn't have MIDI ports to act as a MIDI controller and use VST's from the DAW and recording it in the DAW on the computer.

I have the USB printer cable, and was planning on using Fruity Loops Studio.

My question is, for zero latency, do I also need an audio interface to connect to the computer/keyboard, such as this:

or this:

I also have an older Yamaha TG-77 tone generator. How would I hook that up to a computer these days in order to feed back into the DGX 660 to use as the midi controller? the back looks like this: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0024/2352/1341/products/2.-Yamaha-TG77-Rear_720x.jpg?v=1583276820

Assuming I might need the audio interface with real midi inputs like the M-Audio above? Or would a dual midi to usb cable, too, work?

Just wondering what an optimal / minimal set up would be for this with no lag. Thanks!


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