Yamaha DXG-660- recording audio and video on iOS device

Apr 21, 2021
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I am not new to playing the keyboard, but during the pandemic I decided to start recording myself playing and upload to YouTube for my friends and family to hear. I have had this keyboard since 2018 and so far I have just been setting up my iPhone on a tripod and recording from there. But what I really want to do is to record audio directly through my iPhone and shoot video at the same time (and also wear my headphones because I normally record at night).

I saw countless videos on how to do this through the "printer cable" in the back of the keyboard- but that seems to not work. I'm thinking maybe there is a defect or I broke it somehow. So I figured there was a way I could do it wirelessly. I purchased a Yamaha UDWL01 WIFI USB/MIDI Adapter- I got the keyboard connected to my WIFI.. but I couldn't figure out how to use it I guess. I am not a technically inept person. In fact- I am a Software Architect and technology is my life. Granted I'm a software person and not a hardware person- but you know- just saying I'm good at figuring things out. But for whatever reason I can't seem to figure this out.

I tried downloading apps on my phone from Yamaha but those didn't work either.

What am I missing here? I would appreciate any help from you very nice and helpful (and much smarter) humans.


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

Connecting via USB to your iphone will only transmit audio if the DGX actually supports audio via USB and it is a case of some keyboards do some do not.

Your manual or maybe the computer related addendum manual will usually state if this is possible (I am not sure it does and I seem to think this question has been asked before).

Your DGX only has a multi use output socket for either headphone or to output left and right audio to an external amp or powered speakers. Hence you may have issues connecting audio to your iPhone and being able to wear headphones.

I would suggest you consider buying a small mixer, feed the output from your DGX into the mixer, plug headphones into the mixer and the mixer output will go to you iPhone via an adaptor.

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