Yamaha i455 voice switching and which is best arranger keyboard for Bollywood?

Jun 13, 2017
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thank god I found this forum :). I am using yamaha i455 and switching of voices is a problem I am struggling from a long time :(.

Problem 1: Real quick switching between voices / styles in multiple banks? I am playing bollywood songs and frequently need more than 4 voices. That means switching between multiple banks. This becomes very difficult and tricky as I lose the beat or point of switching. Do I have some solution for this in my current keyboard?
  • I need some keyboard where I can switch between multiple instruments in a single button click or something like that. (Even if they are 10 to 15 in one song, doesn't matter).

Problem 2: Which Professional Arranger keyboard suitable for Bollywood should I select? Now I am looking for a good arranger keyboard (suitable for indian music especially bollywood) which eliminates the above switching problem 1 and also offers me inbuilt indian styles and voices (in addition to the large default variety of styles and voices. In addition, unlimited storage bank which allows me to load my own custom styles and voices will be great. I looked at yamaha PSR970, Korg 900PA In (indian edition) and Roland - E-A7. While the advanced features will definitely help me in my music career, cost at this point is also an important concern. I intend to use it for atleast 10 years, so need a good one (a little scalability like adapting to future trends of music will be surely a plus). Please help! your suggestions would be surely valuble!


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