Yamaha MofX 6 or Roland Juno Gi

May 26, 2021
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does someone have an opinion about the keybed of those two keyboards?

Actually, I like the idea to use the internal recorder of the Juno Gi as a mini loop station for a bass guitar or any other instrument via microphone. It is possible to use the MofX 6 in a similiar way but only if the keyboard is connected to an DAW via laptop - is that correct?

On the other hand I really like the big variety of arpeggiator presets within the MofX6.
The Juno Gi also comes with rhytmns and arpeggiator presets but I don't think that the quality and variation of those comes close to the MofX 6 - does someone have an opinion on that?

The sounds in general should be good enough in both keyboards - allthough I heard that the MofX sounds a bit more professional.

Maybe someone can give me their opinion. Especially about the different keybed, how the keys feel and play.
If I am correct the MofX 6 should have slightly weighted keys in contrast to the Roland Juno Gi - I would prefer to have a bit of resistance.


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