Yamaha smart chord experience

Jun 24, 2020
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Recent models of Yamaha keyboard have the smart chord feature as you know. Wonder if anyone is using it and how you like it. More often than not, you are playing a chord different than the one on your sheet music. Does that work or does it sound strange? I have not been able to test it out fully on my own due to skill level but curious about others experience.


Dec 26, 2019
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Atlanta area
I wonder if the "smart chord" feature you are referring to is similar to how we are able to program our Yamaha Tyros keyboards to play basic chord variations using one, two or three fingers on the "left side" of the keyboard?

I hope I can explain this so it makes sense. I have found that when using any of the pre-programmed selections activating the automatic chord play feature on the Tyros 5, the resulting chords don't always play correctly, especially if the chords have any complexity to them. For instance, when playing a # or b at the 5th or 9th fingering position...such as when playing a C#m7b5 chord. In order for the chord to be played properly, more than three fingers are required, otherwise the chord being auto-played will root with the initial one, two or three keys being depressed.

Auto-chord play can be a very useful feature if you just want to play songs and not worry about anything more advanced than major, minor and seventh chords. I would caution you however, not to get too reliant on auto-chord play as it may make your left hand lazy. You would also be missing out on the wonderful experience and sounds that are created by playing more complex chords which can introduce color, depth and interest to your playing. Many chord charts can be found on the internet. Make some copies and keep them handy when playing. As you become more familiar with how chords are structured and played I am sure your enjoyment for playing and listening to your music will increase also.


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