Yamaha YDP-V240 vs Roland RP-201?

Apr 15, 2011
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Does anyone have any opinions on a comparison of the Yamaha YDP-V240 and the Roland RP-201. They seem to be fairly close in features and price, but any comments or observations would be welcome.

In addition to the piano sound of course, I am especially interested in the comparative quality of the various solo instruments, especially the string and wind instruments, but others as well. With the understanding that they are not going to sound exactly like the real thing, (neither does piano for that matter) could anyone compare the quality of simulation of the individual solo instruments on the YDP-V240 and the RP-201.

On a different thread someone suggested that the better Kurzweils might do solo instruments somewhat better. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on that. The Kurzweil Mark Pro Three also seems comparable in features and price to the two above.



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