Any MIDIPLUS x8PRO users??

Feb 20, 2008
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Hi, I got this 88key midi controller at a really good price, mainly for live gigging with Ableton. It has a surprinsingly GOOD internal piano sound (very handy!) and I love its compact/lightness and the many midi controls, like exp. pedal (not found in similar priced 88keys controllers), touch sens. pads, knobs and buttons.
Anyways, about the buttons: they have a weird behaviour. They seem to send a "on" midi message when pressed.... and then a "off" msg. when released...

This makes them completely useless in most situations, for example: I tried to get them to turn on/off a track in ableton but after assigning a button to the track, you press the button and it does turns on.... but when you release it it turns the track off again. So you would have to HOLD the button in order to get the track on and keep it on. Same thing with the "chain" on Instrument Rack used to change instruments, you press a button and the indicator moves, but when realeased it returns to the previous place, I think you get the point right?

I havent found any help about this in the manual, maybe someone did or figured out how to work around this?? Any help will be appreciated, tanks in advanced, guys!

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