MIDI and Casio CDP 220r

Jun 8, 2015
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Hi - I have a bunch of MIDI files, in SD card and available in my CDP 220r. Following the manual's instructions I can play them fine. I would like to be able to do the following things - but unable to do it. Any help, appreciated:

1. The MIDI file has accompanying music. Is there a way to switch it off?
2. Assume I am fine with the accompanying music but the notes - I want better control. Would like to switch off the left hand notes, so that I can play them myself without the file's output playing in the background too.
3. Similarly - for right hand and both hands.
4. I did see that I am able to change the tempo, thus am able to make it slower/faster - but overall are there anything else I can do with this unit?

Note: I HAVE to work off the MIDI files loaded via the SD card in the piano. I can not connect a PC/laptop and route controls thru the PC for various unrelated reasons.

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