Happy to own the Ketron SD2 again

Jul 17, 2022
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I recently learned how good the sounds of the Ketron SD-2 really are.

I bought the Studiologic Numa Compact 2x because of its light weight and its great Keybed (Fatar TP/9 Piano, not noisy as the Fatar TP/8 Piano), but not because of it's sounds. The sounds are disappointing, especially the Pianos. At first glance these are OK and I believe they are sufficient if you layer them with other sounds, but for solo they sound so unnatural. And this sadly is also true for the new piano sounds that are downloadable.

By the way, the same is true for the piano sounds of the Akay Key 61, even worse.

So I'm happy to have the piano of the Ketron SD2 for solo, which is a bit bright but still way more natural as the sounds of the Numa Compact. Also, the guitars and the E-pianos on the Ketron SD-2 are great, and I often use them while splitting the keyboard. Of course there are superior piano sounds around like the Shigeru (Kawai MP11SE), and Bösendorfer (Yamaha P515), which are both outstanding, but still it's great to have the small Ketron SD-2 for the road.

By the way, I have not even touched the drum sounds of the Ketron SD-2, because I still have some questions about it (see my other post in this forum):

I know how to access the so called 'Live Drums' (Bank 4) on the Ketron SD-2, which are not GM compatible, but I still have not figured out how to access the Bank called 'Drumsets'. If anybody can help, that would be great.

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