Hi, eveyrone ! Word happy musician here... looking to share knowledge and experience. Thank you for being here.

Jan 23, 2023
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Hi, everyone !
Warning: now entering verbosity Zone, not for the brevity faint of heart !

My name is Steve, a good citizen of Southetn California .

I love music in many forms and seek to express myself by writing songs, lyrics, short stories that turn into songs of all types and themes. To make the dangerous Journey from ideas in my head to physical reality, I enjoy recording these ideas and creating media that others can experience.
I play guitar, understand how are played, enough a little keyboard, to get into serious trouble, plus I like to sing solo and harmonies with others.
I have developed a small studio in my small apartment to exorcise my demons by composing original pieces, both songs and instrumentals. I can't imagine any other way to be !
I look forward to possibly collaborating and communicating with others of a similar nature on this site. I'm certain of one thing, and that is I can contribute and accept contributions from others in an effort to better myself and my craft.

My stories and interests vary across space and time, sad and happy, observing, revealing.

I look forward to sharing lives' experiences with humankind, as I stumble and fumble my way through this life.

Finally, (audience leaps to their feet in Wild Applause and cheering)
Actually, I have nothing more to say right now..I just wanted to get that line above into this post, yes I am that needy.
Bye bye for now..
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Destroyer of Eardrums!!!
May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
Hi Steve.

Oddly I collaborated with a different Steve recently. Jinx :D

Anyway, do you have any stuff currently online?

If so, give us a listen :)

Gary ;)

Most of my stuff is in my Sig.

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