Roland Juno DS61 - importing wav file stems (to use as backings and or trigger pads) and play keys over top. Is Ableton live a better way to do both?

Aug 12, 2020
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Hi there!

New to playing electronic original songs live - love the Juno DS but trying to figure out how to use downloaded stems from my original tracks to use as backings. (I will be playing solo, so want to create a full sound. I want to be able to play patches on top of the backings. Never used ableton live, but would this be a better way to achieve this? Thanks :)


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

I am sure other members who have a Juno will correct me if I am advising you incorrectly.

Whilst the Juno will play back WAV and MP3 files the keyboard was designed more for Sample and Loop playback with these files being assigned to the Pads. It will probably do what you want but it looks as though the USB stick needs to be formatted in the Juno and files located within specific folders and the file names may well also have to be short, cryptic and text compliant. Page 12 on the current manual describes using audio files.

Having your files on a mobile device like a phone, ipad, etc with that wire connected to the Juno will be another option. This is how I feed backing tracks into my digital piano.

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