Some interesting MIDI rerouting software ...

Jan 19, 2011
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A friend is interested in KAR files for karaoke software players, he helps out at a friends bar with their tech needs. I was trying to help him find an easy way to make his MIDI and KAR player software sound better than being routed into Microsoft's GS Wavetable SW Synth. KaraFun doesn't allow for the options to select a MIDI-Out port.

So in my hunts, I stumbled on this:

That little LoopBe1 freeware program they talk about is more handy than I thought it would be. (The makers also sell a 30 port version "LoopBe30" with a 1-hour time-out demo. Just restart it to renew the 1-hour limit.)

If LoopBe1 has already been started, then by going to Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Audio > MIDI Music Playback > Default Device, LoopBe1 shows up there. You can select it as your default to reroute all output from all MIDI-player software through to SyFoneOne's input port. Including routing the output of programs like KaraFun that don't allow selection of an output port into SyFoneOne, or any other MIDI software's input option.

I'm sure all you VIS gurus have more interesting ways, but for some situations I think this is pretty neat. Especially being free.

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