Akai MPK61 MIDI keyboard

Oct 23, 2010
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Hi all,

I've decided I need to expand my setup with a medium-size synth-action MIDI controller keyboard, as most of my sound sources are in my rack. I need a MIDI controller keyboard that can play on different MIDI channels with different patches, and ideally support keyboard splits sending to two different channels. I need it to support different patches with these different channel/split configurations, and for it to be able to change patch when sent program changes from my big 88-note master keyboard (Oberheim MC-3000). No need for trigger pads. These requirements rule out some possible contenders, many of which only have a single global MIDI channel (annoying how for example the Korg Kontrol 49 allows you to assign any of its many knobs/buttons/pads to any channel/controller within each patch, but the keyboard is always stuck on a single global channel, for all patches).

The current favourite on my list is the Akai MPK61, and so I was wondering if any of you guys have one, or have used one, and could give me any feedback on it? I'm particularly concerned about whether it'll survive gigging, as many of these keyboards look designed to be used in studios to work with a DAW, rather than for use on stage.

Any feedback/insights/suggestions greatly appreciated!!


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