Bad Penny

Jul 27, 2015
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Aiea, Hawaii
Not really and introduction. It's more of a re-introduction. I joined this forum nearly 10 years ago but haven't posted anything since 2017. I came back yesterday and posted a question and got an almost immediate and helpful answer. That made me feel a bit guilty for being away for so long. This place is still the positive, helpful site I remember.

For the past more than 30 years I've lived in Hawaii. As well on this forum, I was pretty active on Sound Advice, a home recording forum, that petered out a few years back. Earlier this year, the wife and I decided to immigrate to Korea since we're getting up there in age now and had no family in Hawaii. The downside of that decision was we had to sell just about everything we owned. Shipping from Hawaii to Korea is pretty prohibitive in both complexity (customs, etc) and cost. Everything has to go to California first and then Korea (stupid American 'flag-carrier' law). So I divested myself of all my musical treasures (5 really nice guitars and 2 also really nice keyboards). For the first time in my adult life I've been without a musical instrument for the last 8 months while trying to securing legal residency status and a place to live. It's been literally heartbreaking. My lack of Korean language literacy and my wife's militant lack of technical knowledge and/or understanding presents challenges.

I've just ordered a Roland FP E50 keyboard through a Korean on-line order/delivery service. Most of the package (stand, seat, sustain pedal, etc) was procured locally, but the keyboard itself is imported from Japan. There was some question (from the on-line folks) about a possible voltage mismatch due to Japan using 110v and Korea using 240v. That seems to be resolved now.

I look forward to the opportunity to possibly provide a modicom of useful information to other members in the days to come. It feels good to be here.

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