Greetings from Belgium

Feb 17, 2023
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Hi all,

I decided yesterday to restart with the keyboard. I played keyboard when I was a little kid, from 7-14 years.
I still have the keyboard from back then but I am 38 now and have not played on it since then.
It's a Roland E600.
I am enjoying myself a lot, but as you can imagine I am not that good anymore at it, will have to relearn alot.
I did order a new keyboard, a Korg EK-50L and it normally should arrive on the 21th.
It will be a great improvement since I can easily get the songs to pc without sound loss I hope.
The only way to record on my Roland is by actually using a tablet lol...
I do not really play songs that exist. I use keyboard to create something myself.
But these things are VERY simple in my opinion, simply because I do not have the technique anymore and skills.
Hope it will improve over time.
I might share a song I am practicing since yesterday. Its something I created myself.


Jimmy, a 38 man from Belgium.

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