Help please! Problem with Big Ribbon Controller!

Feb 8, 2018
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Hello dear friends!

I have more than 20 years Kurzweil 2500SX 88keys. I serve him all the time (independently).
Since there is no Kurzweil service in my city. I have established THREE SCSI HDD inside and a Cd-ROM. KDFX, sometimes I have to deal with replacing Knobs on the front panel...............and other stuff...

Well............yesterday I noticed that Big Ribbon Controller does not work! Wou! I was very upset. because I love my Kurz!

I immediately did a Hard RESET. Alas............nothing has changed. Big Ribbon Controller >>> It's not working.

I raised (opened) the upper panel. Examined all connections of wires. It's okay. Then I even inspected the wires with a tester ( the wires going to the unit Pitch Pend). It's okay. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...............

Small Ribbon Controller >>> works fine.

I need your help and advice. And I would be very grateful.

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