Need new stage piano Help Please!

Sep 24, 2017
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Hi Everyone new to the forum here

Ok I'll keep a long story short I'm moving to a new flat and unfortunately I can't make my beloved Yamaha Clavinova vibration proof, its not the sound as its digital as much the vibration from the keys and pedals. I've managed to essentially get rid of this issue with a keyboard (Yamaha P-85) on a different stand and a rubber matt so this design is better rather than the wooden traditional digital piano ones.

So I need some advice on picking a new keyboard mainly it will be used to replicate an acoustic piano/grand so it needs to be 88 key with realistic weighting and voice sensitivity.However any extras such as numerous voicings and synth sounds etc are a welcome bonus but most of the time it will be used as a 'piano', mainly playing classical and jazz etc so I believe the higher polyphony is something i'd want.

I can go and try a few at my local store but want to get some opinions on these following models

Roland FP-90
Kurzweil Artis SE
Yamaha P-255
and Yamaha CP-40

any other suggestions would be welcome too

Thanks a lot!
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