Hi there fellow musicians , anybody here have the CTK 6200 ?

Dec 23, 2013
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Russian Federation
Hi there fellow musicians ,
Anybody here have the CTK 6200 ? and how are you getting on with it and are you using it to its fullest capacity ?
I have just recently purchased one and I am getting on with it with no problems so, I am a self taught musician i.e learned to play the play the piano at the age of 5 y/o had piano lessons but no piano exams or whatever you like to call them progressed later on in life and got onto electronic keyboards etc. the rest in history in the music sense.

I love this instrument and I have found that it`s very user friendly and I have ont got to the downloading side of this instrument but, give it time and as yet for mt age of 66 y/o I have a special gift and talent for music as I cannot read any score music and I can and play from memory by listening to a piece of music for examples sake the Beatles YESTERDAY and play this using the Casio CTK 6200`s piano ballads or just playing the grand piano sound so, I am sure there are some musicians that can do the same as me anyone here on this forum can do such please?
Well that`s all for now I reckon but, I would love to know as too how I can download a YOU TUBE version of me playing so, anyone here can tell me in simple layman`s terms as I have a DELL INSPIRON ONE all with many U S B connections ad as yet I have to buy a MIDI LEAD for my desktop P.C Windows 7 using Google Chrome browser.
Thank you for your time and HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all and HAPPY MUSIC !!
p.s That is not me i.e the AVATAR it is the EARL OF NORMANTON aged 65 y/o I have yet to scan a pic of myself and put it on here soon, thank you.
Sep 30, 2013
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Good day, Alistair, I recently purchased a 6200 in October,I have yet to get to grips with certain features, like the sequencer for instance, but it,s a good machine. I cannot really read music scores, so I write the note letters under the staff, I am still just learning the basic tunes and chords, I dont know if you find this, but on a few tones, notably the organ range, some of the notes sound slightly different to adjacent ones, at first I thought this may be a malfunction,but on reading the manual, this is what casio call "a design limitation" at least I hope it,s just that. perhaps you could confirm if this is the same on yours. I am having great fun altering and editing the tones, you can get some really strange effects, I wish Casio had provided more than 10 spaces to save user tones. Any way all the best, Jon.

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