Infinite Response VAX77 Keyboard Controller

Aug 5, 2013
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Here is an Infinite Response VAX77 foldable 77-note weighted MIDI/USB controller in mint condition and perfect working order. It is light (made of machined magnesium), weighing 37 lbs, is 23" x 16" x 7" when folded, and weighs 46 lbs in its flight case. It can be checked in as luggage on airlines - invaluable to pro gigging musicians. It has a touch screen, polyphonic aftertouch (very rare on any keyboard), and integrates well with Apple's Mainstage. Almost $4k for a new one + $200 for the hard flight case. Rare and hard to find pre-owned.
Price: $1600
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Location: Philadelphia, PA.



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