Korg microstation

Oct 21, 2011
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I purchased a new Korg MicroSTATION last week and love the sounds onboard-
Having read the entire manual and watched all the tutorial videos twice
and countless hours trying to work out how to string several patterns and
fills together to form a song, this info is absent (i do not want to use the
DAW interface).

Q1: Where do I save my patterns to be called on later for the
making of my song?
Q2: Please explain how I will link all the patterns together
to form the song?

I am used to my old Yamaha which was very simple to perform the above
functions, but the little Korg has me baffled on this score, I am OK with
writing the patterns using the provided step mode programming provided
on the Microstation,,,It`s saving them the linking them that has me
puzzled,,hope you can help?.

Example: <4 bars intro> <7 bars> <1 bar drum fill> <16 bars> <4 bars solo> <16 Bars end fill>---
now how do I string them together to form my song?

Thanx Rod,,the guitarist

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