My DIY MIDI JANKO accordion setup

May 27, 2014
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Townsville Qld. North Australia
Please have a look at my DIY JANKO keyboard with accordion bass MIDI setup. Details are here:

Lots of young people are interested in the advantages of a JANKO keyboard. Sadly, there exists no notation for it. So I invented a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) piano roll notation. I only wished you could create such a JANKO piano roll that can load and print Midi-files. That would encourage many more JANKO enthusiasts.
As you can see my keyboard consists of black and white key rows. The notes between the black lines are notes from white keys. This notation enables readers to visually transfer Midi-files from the Android PAD screen to their JANKO keyboard and nothing could be easier! A piano roll is an easy way to read music without knowledge of musical score elements. "Synthesia" and "Chordana" ,etc. are good examples of a highly developed learning system. Besides, it's urgent ...because I'm getting old (80). Here's what such a piano roll should look like:

Maybe I shouldn't ask for too much? - It would already be great to have the first JANKO piano roll that can load and print Midi-files, based on a PC platform. So I can learn to play new/ complicated melodies from the printed JANKO score. Now I don't have even that and am forced to learn and play by ear.
It's all part of my ambition of creating the easiest to learn and play musical instrument:
1) The accordion bass liberates from chord learning.
2) The JANKO Kbd. liberates from learning and practicing 22 additional, irregular scales & chords.
3) My JANKO piano roll idea offers WYSIWYG notation.

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