New to... well everything

Nov 25, 2022
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Hi all,

So, after dusting off the old keyboard (a Yam PSR-280) that I never learnt to play I though, hell why not, older and in theory more patient I should be able to do something, even if its only learn the Attack on Titan theme to impress my daughter, I soon realised that it was tiny and sounded pretty bad.
To remedy this I invested in a
Casio S350 (due next week) - that however means nothing unless I can play the thing, so after seeing a bewildering array of YouTube offerings it was very obvious that I have no clue, not even where to start - hence seeking out a forum - so here I am.

Welcome all, hopefully I won't bug you all too much with my fully newbie questions!
As a guitar player, I realize very well what GAS is and I have figured out how to tame it lately. I don't want to go down that equivalent dark hole with console gear :)

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