SWAP.? Yamaha v Korg.

Feb 4, 2021
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Yamaha v Korg. I bought a PSR 3000 in America, fifteen years ago, I was working over there. Now retired and back in the U.K. I got to thinking about upgrading. Looked around, read some articles eventually traded it in for a ridiculously small amount of money for a Korg 700. It was not the best days work I ever did. The Korg I am sure is everything it’s cracked up to be. But in many respects for an old geezer like me it’s almost like starting from new. I believe it’s called 'buyers remorse'. The thing is if there is any any one out there wishing they had bought the Korg instead of the similar priced PSR. I would do a swap. (e-mail address removed).
Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.

The OS on the Korg is very different to that on the equivalent Yamaha which is the SX700 which in itself is probably very different to the 3000 that you had. Even changing over to an SX you will more than likely have a very steep learning curve to go through.

That said why not spend some time by watching and following along with the Video Manual series for the Pa700 which are available on the Korg Youtube channel you should very quickly pickup the nuances of each element of the OS. The Pa is well worth the effort to learn how to use it, I am well retired and put in the graft to learn on the Pa that I had, by comparison the Yamaha I had prior was from the dark ages.

There are also another 20+ hours of free video tutorials available to learn even more about the Pa OS.

Stick with the Korg, it will serve you much better than a Yamaha if you put in the effort
Feb 25, 2021
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I have a Korg PA700 arranger and have had it since new in September 2017, when they came out. I LOVE it and it exceeds my expectations in what I use it for. I use it for a nursing home ministry that realized about 50 performances a month (before COVID-19 came and restricted entry into the nursing homes). It also sees use as the centerpiece of my sequencing and songwriting in my studio. It is the main machine I turn to for work in my studio and other things. Unless I am playing my 88-key units for traditional piano practice, I usually turn on the PA700 and start jamming away. It is very deep and has a lot of options and possibilities for making new sounds and making great music. The big touch screen also helps quite a bit in getting productive on the unit.

I also use the PA700 as the main sound source for a duo that I am in, as well as for my solo show. It is extremely powerful and works very well. My experience with Korg products goes back over 20 years, so I am used to the way Korg does things in their keyboards.


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