The Road Less Traveled (DEMO) by me playing all the instruments

Oct 5, 2014
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Richmond, VA
This is a rough demo recorded on my new Tascam DP-03SD, 8 track digital multitrack recorder. Keyboards, drums, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals & harmony vocals, all done and mixed by me.

Edit: Sorry if my vocals are a little sour... This was way up at the top of my vocal range - you figure I wrote this when I was like, 18-19 years old back in the 70's, and tossed aside for 40+ years because I thought it sucked...

Track 1: Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drums.
Track 2: Alvarez 6 string acoustic.
Track 3: Yamaha DGX-505, full size keyboard (piano w/ string quartet mode in the background).
Track 4: Samick 4 string bass (a cheap P-bass copy)
Track 5: Harmony vocals.
Track 6: Lead vocals.

What do you think of the mixdown and/or overall rough demo of a 70's singer/songwriter type of ballad?

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