User Styles in Yamaha CVP 701


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Jun 6, 2014
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If I'm not mistaken, there is no limit to the number of external style files that you can use. Note that you don't need to "import" or "load" the external style files; rather, you can select and play them directly from the USB thumb drive. So that is why there's no limit-- you can swap to a different USB thumb drive if needed (although a single USB thumb drive can hold more style files than you would probably ever be able to use).

That is how it works on the higher-end Yamaha keyboards, such as the PSR-S models, the Tyros models, and the new Genos. The lower-end Yamaha keyboards, such as the PSR-E models that I have, are different-- you must load or "register" any external style file that you want to play, and each PSR-E model has a maximum number of external style files that can be loaded or registered in its memory, ranging from 1 on some models, up to 10 on other models. But the CVP-701 is most definitely a higher-end model. :)


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