Yamaha PSR 9000 HDD questions.

May 27, 2021
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Hi guys,
I recently purchased a Yamaha PSR 9000, in as good as new condition. Probably the Guy needed the money because I thought it was cheap....

This has a 20GB hard drive built in. It looks like it has 3 partitions.
There is nothing on it yet. Complete empty. It works fine, I made a complete backup on it already.
My NEC USB to floppy disk copy device unfortunately does not work with Win10-64 bits.
Now I want to use a USB to IDE converter here directly, to put some extra PSR 9000 and Tyros styles and also MIDI files on it.
Also only have one floppy disk left in the house, and this doesn't seem to work properly anymore.

Do any of you know, if these have to be copied over in separate folders or groups, or is one on one copying also sufficient.

Maybe someone has experience with this, or another possibility?
Hope to hear from you guys.. Love this fantastic device....I had one before.


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