3 keyboards in MainStage... IK B-3X upper/lower and Pianoteq

May 6, 2020
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I am attempting a B-3X with upper/ lower manual using a 61 key Roland A800-pro as upper and a 32 key Roland A-300 Pro for the lower. I also have a studio logic SL88 grand that I use for PianoTeq 7.
when I loaded the B-3X in MainStage using default Midi options in was fully functional, although the MIDI controls assigned for drawbars etc. weren't necessarily where I would like them.
I feel I am pretty close to achieving my goal by assigning each keyboard to a single unique MIDI channel and optioning three MainStage channel strip to listen for only a specific channel.
I am to the point where I have both Rolands and the SL88 playing only their particular parts, but I seem to have lost the connections to the Physical drawbars on the Roland keyboards.
Before I dive in again and try to add control symbols to the Rolands in MainStage I'd like to know if that is the correct approach or should I be doing this differently.

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