Casio noisey keys- need advice on new keyboard

Sep 27, 2007
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I purchased a Casio px-200. I been playing the guitar for years but with the piano I am a beginer but have found that the piano is a lot easier than the guitar is for me for some reason..
For the first week the Casio was great. Then slowly the keys got louder and louder. I don't mean the tone I mean the mechanical noise when the keys are pressed and then released. Now 4 months later it is so loud I have to either have the volume up loud or wear headphones.
I took the keyboard apart because I am mechanically inclined to find out why. And the keys have metal "posts" connected to them which are all balanced- and thats pretty much it. When you press a key the post goes up and hits a strip of foam running along the inside of the keyboard when you release it it hits the bottom strip of foam.
Well thats the problem. The foam is simply worn down with little indentations so it is louder when the metal posts hit it. When the keyboard was new it was silent and sounded really good.
I searched on the internet and others cited this same problem which is anoying. I emailed Casio and asked why a billion doallar corporation would make a keyboard knowing that in a very short time it would be that way and they never responded back.
I wan't advice on a new keyboard that doesn't make loud clunking noises, that has different technology rather than metal posts hitting a strip of foam. I tried Roland fantom X and a Motif and they were both kind of loud but not as loud as the Casio, I tried the yamaha s90es and it was silent and felt the best out of the bunch- however I havent tried very many.
So what is a good keyboard that wont do this.
I understand that some noise will occur. I will say this twice so no one will tell me this. I understand some noise will occur but what is the quietest keyboard with the most authentic action. I don't really care much about bells and whistles although they are nice and I don't care what the cost is but preferably under 3,000. I am leaning towards the Yamaha s90es. I don't want to buy another keyboard and make the mistake of the casio. I want the best for years to come. Someone mentioned a cp300 which I havent tried.
To make it easier to understand: imagine practicing at midnight and you are wearing headphones. Theres someone in the next room sleeping- I want a keyboard that when playing is as quiet as possible to not wake them. up but this isn't the case just an example.
Does anyone here own a yamaha or a keyboard that is as quiet now as the first day they received it. Play with the volume turned all the way down and see if your keyboard makes loud clunking noises or is fairly quiet.

Thank you for your advice in advance.
Jul 18, 2007
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From Casio to MOTIF or Fantom? Now that's a big step :D

Anyway... Casio sells low budget keyboards and you can't expect
anything from it. I own a MOTIF ES and I don't think the keys are loud.
They're semi-weighted and that's the reason they can't be fully silent.

if I'm not mistaking Yamaha S90 ES is actually a stage piano with full-weighted keys and they are quiet because the keys are very good,
but you'll have that "tup" sound when releasing the keys.

If you're not used to full-weighted keys then buy a workstation like
the mentioned MOTIF, Fantom or even a new KORG M3 (those are
the flagship keyboards from those 3 manufacturers (oasys is a class of its own)).

But I'm sure not even one keyboard from the higher class will have that
cheep keys as Casio

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