Crumar Mojo Classic without Leslie

Oct 6, 2019
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Hi All,

I believe to have posted a similar thread but I didn't get the answer i was looking for, assuming there is one right answer :)

Simple I want to know what Amp to use with Crumar Mojo that basically sounds perfectly like a real B3.

What's the best Amp option for an Organ tonewheel clone that is not a Leslie as I can't afford one yet. My budget is 350 euros and that is to be used for home studio, recording and so on so forth.

I heard for an Hammond a stereo keyboard amp is the best option but what model?

Apr 4, 2012
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Leslie speakers are lo-fi instruments, so here is a case where a high fidelity speaker may not be the right choice. I moved away from my keyboard amp (Peavey KB300) a decade ago and moved to a lighter, cleaner powered monitor (EV ELX112p). However I find that the Peavey actually does a better job with the VB3 organ. An organ's range is from about 32hz to 5.9 Khz so i wide fidelity range of a powered monitor to 20Khz is not really necessary. You are looking for the "best" option; I can't tell you what the best option is, I'm not sure we'd agree on what we both consider to be best, is it cost? is it weight? is it sound (in this case the lower the fidelity the better). My KB300 works great because it has a 15" woofer (same as a tube leslie cabinet) and the horn isn't the greatest, which I consider another plus because an organ's top range is under 6Khz so I don't need a horn that extends to 20Khz. As a side note I also have found that the default speed of the "fast" horn on VB3 is a tad fast; try slowing down the fast speed a little bit and I think you'll find it more acceptable. I also moved the microphones to a closer setting, giving it that Neo Ventilator effect. One other anomaly I find is that I use (depending on the mood I'm in) either the VB3 internal leslie or my Neo Ventilator. When I use the Ventilator I find that the last 4 drawbars are much louder/brighter than when I use the internal VB3 leslie. So I have two presets; one preset I use when I use the internal leslie and a different preset when I use the Ventilator. When I use the internal leslie I adjust the "drawbar trimming" option and raise the volume level of the last 4 drawbars. When I use the Ventilator the drawbar trimming is the delivered trimming, i.e. no adjustment to the trimming and I turn off the leslie. This provides an a more even sound from the organ point of view no matter which leslie option I go with. My two cents, others will disagree.
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