Crumar Mojo61 - lack of preset buttons

Feb 13, 2017
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I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a Mojo61. A substantial percentage of my gigs are organ parts, and I'd love to have all the controls right there at my finger tips. It seems like most people prefer it's sound to the Suzuki, Nord, and Viscount options, and it's nice that it offers some top-notch electric piano sounds as well. My only concern is it's bizarre lack of presets. Not coming from an organ background, I can live without a second set of drawbars (and the hold feature looks fantastic), but the lack of the standard 8-10 presets (either reverse keys or buttons) seems like a very strange oversight.

Are there any Mojo61 owners here, and can they attest to how much of a difference this makes to their performance? I personally don't use organ presets in my current setup, I just move drawbars, but I feel like if I had them, I would use them. Or should I just bone up on my registration memorization and not worry about it?


Apr 4, 2012
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If you purchase a Gemini module rather than a mojo it offers a few advantages:

1) if you already have a keyboard with sliders you can control the gemini from that keyboard using the keyboards sliders as the drawbars and other controls for vibrato/chorus and percussion controls. You also get more other non-organ sounds than the mojo provides.
2) one less keyboard to haul around
3) it's less expensive than the mojo
4) the mojo is mono-timbral, the gemini is bi-timbral.
5) The gemini delivers 64 presets and provides 64 additional presets. You can also overwrite the 64 delivered presets for a total of 128 at your disposal.

Did you research this option?

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