Dilemma re choosing setup and/or 'board - suggestions?

Jul 15, 2021
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Normally I do most of my research about 'boards and options myself then make decisions, however on this occasion I have sorta decided on the hardware, just not sure of the config.

So the choices are : A SL88 controller board on the bottom, with a Roland Fantom 61 on the top, (although I have a hunch that running controls like sustain and expression from the SL88 IN to the Fantom might be an issue as it was on the Kronos and Montage when trying to set splits and layers and exactly which parts you could control - the Kronos and Montage I feel are better as the sending controller, rather than receiving)
Just a point I noted on the fantom 61 - it is huge for a 61! May or may not be an issue.

A Nord Stage 3 88 on the bottom and a Blofeld on top as the controller

NS3 88 on the bottom and a (quality) 49 controller on top.

Or other alternatives if you can think of any....was even looking at the Casio PX 560 on the bottom with the Blofeld on top, but the sounds are nowhere near the quality of the boards above....

That NS3 sure sounds tempting though haha!

I play live shows using tracks (my own) along with live keys (keys only), LH bass and keys, solo piano work and can use iPad for selecting various setups.

So yes I find myself in a quandary :)

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