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Oct 4, 2018
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Having trouble finding the perfect stage piano. Right? I have to order online, I don't know where to go (in CT) where I could try any of the keyboards I'm considering.

I got an RD-2000 in the mail today from Sweetwater, but I think I'll return it and maybe get a Nord Piano 4, because although the feel is good on the RD-2000, I'm not as thrilled with the piano sound as I am with the Nord piano sounds. Nord sounds fantastic to me, but I'm worried I won't like the keybed on the Piano 4 as much as the RD.

I'll use a separate board for organ sounds, so that's not a factor..

But what I want is:
1. great sounds -especially piano and electric piano, but other sounds too.
2. great keybed feel - I am really tired of the feel of my Nord Electro 4HP - not enough of a real piano feel.
3. ability to cycle through multiple preset programs (including splits or layers) with a foot pedal for live performance.

I am leaning strongly towards the Nord Piano 4 - mostly because I just love the sounds so much, but the keybed, I hear, is not great. However, I hear (From PianoManChuck) that the keybed on the Piano 3 (or 4) is much better than the Piano 2. I imagine this also means it's better than the keybed on my Electro 4HP, but I can't figure out where to get comprehensive info on which keyboards have which actions, it's not the same action is it?. I imagine the Piano 4 action might be disappointing compared to the RD-2000 - which I was basically happy with.

I also like the Nord layout - I really don't like wheeling through different iterations of the same instrument with different factory effects - just give me the instrument and the effects, and I'll take care of it!

-I guess I'm looking for reassurance the that Nord Piano 4 can offer #2 and #3, as well as just #1. Or should I be looking at something like the Yamaha CP4?



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May 30, 2012
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GTA, Canada
My advice is to avoid the return shipping nightmare and book a weekend in a nice hotel in the closest major city near you in Ohio or New Jersey and do your homework and take a tour of all the major music stores you can find there on google.

You sound like you have very specific needs from your instrument and playing mail order roulette will not satisfy them.

You can ask for a hundred different opinions on a particular keyboard and receive a hundred contradictory answers.

Online reviews are great if you're not too picky but there's no substitute for a hands on test drive.

Gary ;)
Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Welcome Justin.

I called in at my local music store a couple of weeks ago and the Sales guy pounced on me.

He knows me anyway so it was more his enthusiasm rather than a hard sell.

You have got to hear this, he said.

He lead my to a keyboard and started playing, wow what a sound.

He then said not only does it sound great but the keybed feel is the closest to a real acoustic piano that I have played.

The source of his enthusiasm was, yes you guessed it, a Nord Piano 4

Cannot help you with your other queries but I would say that Gary’s mini vacation is the way forward, better still come over the pond, visit my region and go to the many music stores here.


I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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As far as sticking with Nord or switching to Yamaha, I would generally recommend sticking with a panel layout and user interface that you're already familiar with rather than switching to something different-- unless you're extremely unhappy with the layout and interface you're already familiar with and want to switch to a layout and interface that (you hope) will be simpler to use. This is so you'll be able to jump in and immediately start swimming like a pro on the new keyboard, rather than floundering around doing the doggy paddle and getting frustrated.

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