FS:Roland D10 midi keyboard/controller, linear synthesizer

Jun 16, 2012
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Here is my fathers old keyboard he gave to me last year, he used this when i was still a young boy in an 80s band, the keyboard is perfect for the sound of that time! im not a keyboard player ive always played guitar but he wanted to get me into playing piano, i just wasnt having it! so i would like this keyboard to go to a good home who will look after it as he did, works fine and as you see comes in a very sturdy and strong case.
What he did tell me is that its perfect as a midi controller and i think he is probably right, it could and has been used to trigger all kinds of sounds Wav Samples on a pc, Computer/Laptop altho the internal sounds are great!
Sience this item is far away from me and lives with my mother i will for now not post and make this a collect only.

"What made the D series synths unique was that they combined traditional analogue synthesis with digital sampling. Seemingly the only way to make a sound more realistic was to sample it but memory back in the 80s was expensive so there was only room to sample the attack transients. The rest of the sound is handled with conventional subtractive analogue synthesis. "

"I think the best things about the D-10 are its string pads and synth bell/atmospheric type sounds, and the on-board drum programmer is also a great feature catering for self indulgent bedroom jamming without having to worry that you're using a cheap home keyboard. The D-10 proudly displays the word 'synthesizer' on its front panel, and rightfully so!"

Local Pickup : Dover, Kent.. but if you do want it posted and want to pay postage i could arange it.


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