How to convert keyboard "KN 1000 Style" to" Sysex" file?

Nov 9, 2013
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Dear Friends,
I had connected a “Technics SX KN 1000” Keyboard to My laptop supported by “windows 7 64 bit” via M-Audio UNO MIDI-USB cable, using Sonar x1.
I am working with very powerful style converter software which is called “Style works XT universal”. The software let you to make Style (Intro, Fill in, Passage, variations) from midi tracks corresponded to the Keyboard which you had already configured to work. In addition it let you to convert Style of a keyboard to another model or even other brands. For example you are able to convert “Korg PAX2” styles to “Technics SX KN 1000”. Any keyboard has its own formats for “user Style” (the style which is created by user) to apply in internal memory. As my keyboard is not equipped by any external memory device, at first, I have to convert the styles to Sysex file and then send it directly to the Keyboard from My laptop.
Does anybody know how it would be possible in Sonar or any other software?
kn1000 grande.jpg


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