Keyboard with Indian Tones

Oct 11, 2016
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I need: 1. Authentic Indian tones, 2. Tabla-tanpura playing in background, 3. Storage on USB from keyboard, then transfer to keyboard from USB.
Is there a function on any keyboard which gives a digital answering melody to the one played with the right hand? 25 years ago, I used to have a Casio keyboard with such a functionality which was confusingly called 'echo line'. It gave no echo/reverb but a digital answering melody, rather like a second instrumentalist adding an improvised line on another instrument.



I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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I know that the PSR-I455, which is very similar to the PSR-E433 model that I have, has a tabla/tanpura pattern function, as well as some Indian instrument sounds, but I have no personal experience with it so I can't say how authentic-sounding the Indian instrument sounds are.

It has a USB To Device port for plugging in a USB thumb drive, as well as a USB To Host port for plugging in a standard USB cable to connect to a computer for MIDI communications and file transfers.

As for USB thumb drive, you can load accompaniment style files from the USB drive into the keyboard's memory; play MIDI song files directly from the USB drive, save User songs that you've recorded on the keyboard as SMFs (Standard MIDI Files); and save or load User files containing a backup of your User songs, User registrations (or custom panel and voice settings), and any external styles that you've loaded into memory. Note that external styles cannot be played directly from the USB drive, but must be loaded into memory as one of five possible User style numbers.

I haven't heard of any Yamaha keyboards which play an automatic "improvised" melody in response to your playing, although I believe that some high-end models (the PSR-S and Tyros) have a feature that will recommend a particular accompaniment style based on your playing.

The previous model was the PSR-I425, but it did not have the tabla/tanpura pattern feature or the USB To Device port, just the USB To Host port.

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