Keyboards recommendations to replace a Casio CKT 6200

Nov 19, 2020
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Hi, I have a friend who's looking for a new keyboard to replace her Casio CTK-6200.
She's after something that's got high quality sounds (espeacially synth wave, 80's synth style sounds), Built in speakers and easy to use and navigate.
She was looking at a Roland Juno or the ROLI Seaboard, but they don't have built in speakers and she needs the sound to come from the keyboard

I make music with her using Ableton as a hobby, and I would like it if the keyboard has MIDI, and if possible either some way of transferring the sounds from the keyboard onto Ableton via MIDI or a sound pack that allows me to apply the sounds from the keyboard to our mixes.

Can anyone recommend a keyboard that would meet these specs / needs please?



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