Korg Kross 2 Editor software.

Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Korg has just release a firmware update and a new version of their Editor software.

I have updated my Kross 2 and installed the Editor software.

I have a problem with the Editor.

Installed on my laptop which has a HD display and the Editor Window is a fixed size of about 800x600.

Text is so small I cannot read it.

If I change the resolution of the display to increase the size of the Window the text become illegible.

Not good.

Just thought other Kross 2 users here need to be aware of this problem.


I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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Some years ago there were some utilities that would let you magnify a portion of your computer's screen display. What OS are you on? There might be something like that you could use.

Windows used to let you tweak the colors and sizes and fonts of individual window elements. I haven't looked to see if that's still available in Windows 10.

One thing that can really mess with the placement and appearance of window elements is the DPI setting. If the software developer has specifically designed their screen displays for a particular screen size and DPI setting, then changing either the screen size or DPI setting can cause annoying graphics problems such as list boxes whose columns don't fit properly inside the box, or text that doesn't fit properly inside a column or field, or buttons and other controls that end up extending off the right side or bottom of the program window, etc. So if you change the screen size and it causes a problem like that, you might want to try adjusting the DPI setting as well to see if it helps-- i.e., rather than changing one or the other, you often have to change both at the same time.

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