Need help with korg kross 88

May 28, 2017
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Hello to all,

Does anyone know hot to turn of vibrato completely on korg kross 88 (and if it is even posible)?

I am not a keyboard/piano player and have only recently bought a keyboard only for composing.
However I have a very annoying problem, I cant program my korg to just play a pitch without any kind of vibration.
I really dont know what I am doing, but I tried changing the oscilation settings, and I havent found a "flat" one.
Is there any way to progam this keyboard to only play the pitch with no vibrations/oscilation/alteration of any kind??

I would really appreciate the help. Since i bought it only for composing and working out the temperament/tuning issues,
the automatic vibration is driving me mad and I am really starting to regret buying it...

Thank you all in advance, and if you didnt understand something about the question, or have any questions yourself, please dont hesitate to ask.

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