Lost everything. Can SVD files be read?

Feb 11, 2023
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Is there any way to read SVD files (outside of Tone Manager)?

Yesterday I made two files, a Tone Manager DSL file and a Backup SVD file.
I made these both in Tone Manager, with information from my Juno DS.

Today I did a factory reset to try to fix an audio bug I was having.

When I tried to load the DSL filed in Tone Manager, I got "Error Opening file or Invalid File".
When I tried to load the SVD file on the Juno, I got a "Read Error".

I've lost everything.
I spent a lot of time getting my Performances dailed in, and I have no memory of which patches I used, what levels, what MFx, etc.

My last hope to is to try to open my SVD file in another program, and see if I can translate the data somehow.
Even reading the patches used would be a huge help, but so far I've had no luck.

Has anyone run into this before?
Can anyone advise on my options here?

In the meantime I'll have to rebuild manually, I've got a show in a few days...

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