Making an arrangement from PVG scores

Sep 7, 2008
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Ok I have been at this awhile and thought that I had it sussed but I have been unhappy recently with my efforts and my lack of theory is showing through so I am relearning my theory and am now looking at how to sequence better by starting over so I thought I would ask the experts here.

I know I could buy an arranger change the patterns etc but I tend to get lazy and just use the built in ones so when I started playing again last year I made a conscious decision to stay away from arrangers for 3 or so years get a synth with a sequencer and get going on creating my own backings which I have been partly successful at doing esp with DAW's but then with the pc in front of me I get nothing done so I invested in the Fantom X6 and now take it away from the pc to do some real work.

Now after all the background info this isn't about how to on the fantom but how to in general.

I start out with the Lead and piano accompaniment normally written for the right hand and the bass for the left ie
now I would normally just play the piano chords with a little improv (hey I am learning here) use a cheesy sound for the melody line and dependent on the song dotted crotchet quaver etc the bass line with a little variation leading up-to the chorus etc. Now I know with the fantom I have RPS which when I get the hang of it will make life easier but until then I usually just do the full arrangement them mute the piano part and jam along.

So how do I improve on this and how do you guy's do it.

Many thanks

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