New Genos for Sale...

Nov 4, 2017
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Brand new. Never been used other than opening the original box for updating the firmware to 2.10. Sheet music holder and manual are still in original sealed condition. I'll provide detailed pictures and serial number to this interested parties. If buyer is in Northern California more then welcome to pick up in person and check the Genos beforehand...

This Genos became in my possession in brand new condition due to a unique circumstances! I won't elaborate here now but will explain to the interested buyers if he/she is curious about it or having any doubts regarding the condition of the Genos.

I am asking $4000.00

So if anybody is interested to own a Brand New condition Genos for $2000 less than what they selling for this is a great opportunity. Plus, buyer will save at least another couple of hundred dollars due to not paying the sales tax compared to buying from a vendor.

So long story short, a brand new condition Genos is up for sale with almost $2500 savings...

If you are interested please PM me..

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