PSR-E303 won't turn off

Jun 11, 2013
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Hi guys,

So my problem is that my PSR-E303 keyboard won't turn off when I press the power/standby button.

It powers on fine and everything else works. In the past there was no problem turning it off again.

Today I opened it up to see what could be wrong, and I found some kind of sticky substance on the power/standby switch on the PCB board. I dabbed some spirit onto a paper towel and cleaned it right off so the surface was smooth again.

Now - it powers on easier than before, but it still won't turn off again when I press the power/standby button.

Anybody had a similar problem? Any solutions/ideas?


Nov 16, 2012
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The sticky substance you found on the power switch is probably the gel from an exploded electrolytic capacitor - either one that is built-in to the power switch itself or one mounted near to the power switch on the circuit board. It sounds like you need to send the 303 to the service shop for repair.

PS - That sticky stuff is carcinogenic - not a good idea to get it on your body.

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