Dec 8, 2016
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Hey Yall,

Have a Roland BK-9 Here's my issue. I select a rhythm from the Rhythm Family. I change the drum sound using the makeup tools button. I save it, but when I reboot the keyboard, the default setting is back.




I meant to play that note!
Jun 6, 2014
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What do you mean by "reboot"? If by chance you are doing a "factory reset," it will erase all user data, so you must backup any data you don't want to lose, and restore it afterward.

Do you have an optional USB memory for saving data? Is it from Roland?

When you save the rhythm changes, are you saving with the original name or a different name? If you're using a different name, are you selecting the changed rhythm after rebooting?

Are you trying to use the changed rhythm just within the BK-9, or with an external sequencer? If you're using it with a sequencer then you must also use "freeze data."
Jun 7, 2011
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In another forum somebody answered:

A 'default' setup that relies on the correct stick being inserted, and the data in the same place as when it was written (in other words, outside its control) would not be able to work correctly 100% of the time.

But the ROM data will always be there...

If you want a 'personal default' setup, write one with the USB style you want, and place it at the head of every Performance List you make. Then it is always a snap to load it before you start playing.

In truth, the default setup is more there to set up things like MIDI Sets, Performance Holds, and other general things like Chord Recognition preferences, Dynamic Arranger settings etc.. Because you are going to HAVE to load a Performance List before you start playing (unless just basic noodling), it really is not much of a disadvantage for it to be ROM styles only. And it is FAR better than having your BK start up with an error message because you either have the wrong stick in place, or no stick, or you accidentally moved or erased the USB style of the default setup...
Sep 2, 2018
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I may need a factory reset or reload the operating system.
Very strangeThings are happening with the make up button.
Sometimes everything works fine the the SMF makeup procedures.
Sometimes, everything will work when editing a song, except it will not let me change the drum set or make any edits to it.
Other times I can’t edit anything in Makeup tools.its locked.
This often happens with SMFs that we’re previously edited with G-1000 makeup tool(similar tool different name).
Other times files previously edited in G1000 makeup tools will play short cutoff notes on all channels but play fine on the the G-1000.
I called Roland support and they said they would send me an email to send in my files for examination but they never followed up. I have used Roland arrangers since 1990 but I’m thinking of moving into something else if I can’t fix this software issue.
Also, the save process when editing a patch and playing a MIDI file is confusing and way way way overcomplicated. I lost many programming hours by not performing the multilayer saves required .
Your comments are much appreciated
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