Roland FP-30 connection to iPad apps via Bluetooth/MIDI

Oct 12, 2018
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Recent bought the Roland FP30. Love it. Questions: 1.) I have an iPad 2nd generation (the model that was released around 2011), and I'm not so sure this older model of the iPad is compatible via Bluetooth/MIDI. The iPad seems to pair with the keyboard OK ("FP-30" shows up in the list on the iPad), but that's as far is I get. I have Piano Partner 2 installed, but even after pairing, the full set of functions doesn't become enabled (everything stays grey'd out, except that Flash Card game thingie). Is my iPad just not supported? Please help. 2.) Any suggestions on a good virtual synth app that works great with the FP-30 being the MIDI controller? I have the Roland Integra7 app installed on my iPad, but it also doesn't seem to do anything. It just seems to clock, and then I continue to get a message saying something like "Cannot find enabled MIDI device". This could again be a compatibility issue with that older (2nd generation, 2011) iPad. I do also have a newer iPod Touch (6th generation I believe). Perhaps that would be the better iOS device to try linking the FP-30 with via Bluetooth/MIDI, and utilizing these apps there.

I'm a noobie with digital keyboards, so thanks for any help/suggestions anyone can provide.

Thanks again.


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May 30, 2012
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I have no experience with ipads in general, but first off, see if you can borrow a more recent ipad and see if you can get it working then.

Also, if you can, lay your hands on a PC and see if it will work with a Windows machine.

Also if you have access to a camera connection kit see if you can get it working with a wired connection.

These steps should give you some answers to a few of your questions.

Gary ;)
Sep 6, 2017
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Firstly discount Bluetooth for any connection, latency is a common issue.

Garage Band on your iPad should work fine, if it does not then please try/answer the following.

I am unsure of your keyboard operation but on some you have to delve into the menu system and enable/configure MIDI to get the keyboard operating correctly when connected, the manual should have a section on MIDI use to guide you.

How and what are you using to connect the keyboard to your iPad?

Keyboard > USB lead > Camera Connection Adaptor > iPad

It has to be a genuine Apple Camera Adaptor, an eBay or Amazon sourced unit is likely to be a clone/rip off and may or may not work.

The problem being is that your iPad is old and has a connector for which the Camera Adaptor is no longer produced.

If you have a PC download the Driver file from the Roland website, install it, then plug in the keyboard via a standard USB lead, power on the keyboard and the PC should see the keyboard. If this works then you could use the PC for DAW usage, Cakewalk by BandLab is free and used by many.

Another way of trying to get an iPad to work is to borrow a new one and try it, you will need the Camera Adaptor (the one with a USB socket and a Lightning socket) at c$35 if you cannot borrow one of these.

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