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Aug 25, 2010
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The following question relates to an old instrument, I’m afraid, the Yamaha psr9000pro! How can I physically find the number and type of the existing sound card within the keyboard , and how can I find out which computer sound cards are compatible with the keyboard sound card. I am hoping to record by midi from keyboard to computer onto cakewalk software, correct or modify any mistakes and play back through the keyboard speakers and subsequently record to cd. Would appreciate any useful help!


Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
To do what you want to then it do does not necessarily matter about what soundcards are installed, its the connections that matter.

You can simply connect the output jacks to the input on your PC, you will need a Y lead with two 1/4 in mono jacks to a stereo 3.5mm plug which will go into your PC input (assuming that your PC does indeed have this type of input socket).

You can then use Audacity to record the audio from your keyboard.

For recording using Cakewalk you will need to use the MIDI connections via a intermediate box such as a Behringer UMC104HD and then USB to your PC, you may also want to try a direct USB connection between keyboard and PC if you can find a Driver for your keyboard.

Good luck

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