Thoughts on Behringer Ultratone KXD12 vs Roland KC-400 (or comparable)?

May 20, 2020
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I will be playing out with our band for the first time in 25+ years in another month, good grief does time fly!
I play keyboards and harmonica without Blues-Rock/Jamband (just for reference of the band's style). Myself, guitar, bass, drums, 2 singers.

I have a Roland Juno DS and a Roland VR-09 (mainly for organ). I run the "organ" through a Motion Sound Pro-3 and Yorkville Block 80B (for bass rotor sim).
We have been playing virtually for the past year and a half, and haven't needed an amp in a long long time. My harp amp, may it rest in peace, was a Peavy Classic 50 4x10".
So now I'm looking to buy an amp for the seldom times we play out.
I am planning on getting an amp that can support multiple inputs, main keyboard, second non-organ sounds from VR-09, and my harps.

I was in love with Roland KC-220 for its multiple inputs and especially it's stereo speaker layout, but it doesn't have the power needed. Unfortunately, Roland only makes the small 220 and the next step is to the extreme (cost), the KC-990. Since there is or will be many times we won't be going through a full PA, like the old days, I need something I will be able to hear myself clearly as well as potentially broadcast.

I have mostly abandoned the thought of a single stereo amp and was looking at the Roland KC-400. Single stereo amps won't get you true separation anyway (unless mic'd left and right to the PA). The 400 has the multiple stereo inputs and power needed, plus can get a second if needed down the line for stereo linking. I trust Rolands sound, and chances are I'll be buying without testing - which sucks, but music stores are not what they used to be.
I then came across the Behringer Ultratone KXD12, half the price, and it checked all the boxes for stereo inputs/insane power/stereo linking.

Was hoping to hear some thoughts on if anyone played/tested a KXD12 or if anyone has some good suggestions for alternatives.

thanks much in advance!

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