What are your other interests?



Sep 6, 2017
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Lancashire, UK.
Music, OK so that may be a bit obvious but with 3 keyboards, 2 guitars, a Bass, 2 Ukuleles and serious “I Must Have” desires for others.

Photography, including image processing using Photoshop and Lightroom.

Movie Making, and Editing, been at it since the seventies and PC editing since the early nineties and taught editing on and off for 25 years using Premiere, Vegas, Resolve, and Movie Edit Pro.

Car nut, as you can see by the partial image of my car that I use as my avatar. Also into motorsports, MotoGP, & F1 in particular but F1 is getting a bit ridiculous at the present time and needs to get back to the basics.

Ex Biker, age and infirmity have caused me to hang up the helmet but not the desire, 46 is and always will be the Dr.

Walking, or rather hobbling at the moment but that is only short term.

Theatre, going to see plays, concerts, classical, ballet, Shakespeare, a real eclectic mix.

Reading, action, thriller, detective, SciFi books. Lee Child, Stephen Arsenault, Russell Blake and LJ Ross are my current favourite authors.

Surprising I have time left for anything else.

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