What's the best keyboard for under $400

Oct 13, 2008
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Hi. I want to get a keyboard, but I'm not really sure what makes a good keyboard. I play piano, and I have an acoustic, but I need a keyboard to play in a song or two in a band, and perhaps to have some fun with recording songs or composing something and getting it onto my computer.

I'm not sure what makes a good keyboard for a rock band. But, I'm looking for something that feels good to play (comes close to the way a piano would feel, and is sensitive to how hard you press the keys), has a solid (but not overwhelming) amount of features as far as voices, effects and those handy composing-tools go and is relatively cheap (not more than $450).

EDIT: Also, I have a thing about not having enough keys. I'd like at least 76 of them 0_o..

I'm really considering the Yamaha YPG235. Is that good? Is there anything better?


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